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Protect Your Trees and Lawn with Insect and Disease Control in Middletown, DE

Garden PhotoWe Eliminate Unnecessary Stress on Your Trees by Taking Insect and Disease Control Measures 

Do you have issues with spotted lantern flies, bagworms, tent caterpillars, and other annoying insects that have infiltrated your trees and your landscape? Tree Inc. is a certified pesticide business that is licensed through the state of Delaware Department of Agriculture and can provide comprehensive insect, grub, and other predatory control measures. We will evaluate and diagnose your tree and shrub health, including surrounding flora for indication of the spread of disease and infestation. If we find infestation or disease, we apply a treatment that eradicates the issue and prevents it from any further spread. 

Some of Delaware's Most Common Problem-Causing Insects Include:

  • Spotted Lanternfly: The spotted lanternfly is a threat to Delaware and the United States. This insect is detrimental to Delaware’s agricultural industries, the environment, residential areas, and has an impact on interstate commerce. This insect is a destructive, invasive plant hopper that attacks many hosts, including forests, ornamental trees, orchards, hops, and grapes.
    With a hard frost, the adults will die during the fall and winter months. The egg masses the females lay this fall will survive the winter and hatch out 30-50 nymphs come late April / early May. Locating and destroying any nymphs in the spring, adults in the summer and fall, and egg masses created this fall will reduce the population that hatches out in the spring.
  • Reference: DDA
  • Bagworm Control: The Bagworm has a voracious appetite and is considered a serious pest. Host Trees Develop damaged foliage that will kill the tree if left unchecked. Early detection of infestation is key with this species. 
  • Tent Caterpillars: Eggs hatch in early spring about the time of bud break, mid-April to mid-May. The caterpillars have five growth stages before pupating, each lasting seven to ten days. Adult moths emerge and lay eggs in late June into early July. They’re most recognized when troops of caterpillars cover tree branches with their silk tents. 

Rely on Tree Inc for Professional Disease Control for Your Trees and Landscape

Different plants and trees are susceptible to different pathogens, so depending on the type of foliage and plants you have on your property, the types of diseases will be different from even that of your neighbors. We will determine if the diseased plants and trees are a result of living agent or noninfectious circumstances by investigating the environment in which it grows and taking action to treat the diseases. 

Contact us to request a consultation to evaluate the state of your trees and get started eradicating your property of insects and diseases today!

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