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Affordable and Reliable Hedge & Tree Trimming Around Middletown, DE

Hedge & Tree Trimming PhotoThe beauty of your yard doesn’t start and stop with the lawn and flowers. Trees and shrubs are the living structures of your yard, and they respond best with regular care. Tree Inc. trains our employees in tree and shrub health and maintenance.

As your local tree service company, we maintain some of the most beautiful trees and shrubs in Middleton, Delaware. From saplings to mature trees, we do our part to keep them beautiful and healthy. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working after storms and inclement weather. No job is too big or small for our experienced company!

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Our Experienced Tree Trimming Team Can Handle Even the Largest of Trees 

A photo of large tree trimming Middleton is known for its large and stately trees. Unfortunately, trees can become compromised when attacked by insects or disease on their bark, on the leaves, or the inner trunk. When an infestation or outbreak occurs, you may not realize it until it’s too late. For the average person, it is not always easy to detect when a tree is sick and struggling. Having a tree specialist regularly assess your tree’s health is highly recommended. 

Trees can be affected by extreme weather and dehydration, among other things. Dead or dying branches need to be removed for obvious reasons. Besides avoiding damage to your property or yard, removing dead branches improves tree health by allowing the tree to redirect energy to new branches and leaves. Proper trimming and removal of select branches also thins out the canopy, allowing for needed airflow, and sunlight which becomes nourishment for the tree. 

Don’t try to trim large trees yourself or hire the first tree company you call. With Tree Inc, you’ll get a fully licensed, bonded, and insured crew, with the proper equipment to scale large trees and a commitment to follow strict safety guidelines. We insist on safety for our team members, for you, and for your property. 

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Dogwood, Boxwood, Forsythia, Lilac, and Other Shrub Pruning Services

A photo of tree contractor trimming a tall tree Shrubs are an attractive way to create visual interest in your landscape. By positioning and planting shrubs and bushes in a variety of sizes, heights, and colors, spaces in your yard can be filled with great beauty and stunning results. They, too, need to be cared for and properly pruned, some more than others. 

There are some shrubs, such as hydrangeas that need to be cut back in the spring, some that like vigorous pruning, and yet others that should only be trimmed occasionally. And then some must be trimmed in a particular season. We offer hydrangea pruning services as well as various kinds of shrub pruning. If you have questions about when your shrubs need trimming, or if you require our trimming services, call us! We will be happy to help and provide you with a free estimate.

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