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Tree Inc. Offers Tree Planting Services for Trees of All Sizes to Residents of Middletown, DE and Surrounding Areas

Tree Installation: Middletown, DE | Tree Inc - AdobeStock_84738584We are Certified for Safe Tree Installation, Elevating Your Newly Planted Trees 

Tree Inc. proudly carries a certification in Plant Healthcare. We warranty tree installation one year from date of install, with the commitment to provide replacement tree once within the warranty period, should they die. This excludes trees or shrubs that die from draught secondary to homeowner not watering efficiently following installation.

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What are Some Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Residential Landscape?

  • Tree flora creates beautiful covered area for relaxing at your property
  • Trees coverage cools off yards in summer months, in turn lowering home energy bills
  • Slower rainfall to yard, diverting flooding/stagnant pooling of water in yard
  • Increase in property value from investment in landscape
  • Fresh oxygen

We Can Plant a Variety of Trees Throughout Your Landscaping 

Tree Installation: Middletown, DE | Tree Inc - AdobeStock_308120973With our experience and our knowledge of Delaware’s environments, we are capable of planting a variety of trees into the diverse types of soil in our area and giving you specific instructions as to how you can help each tree thrive in its new environment. 

Greenwich loam soils are found in all counties of Delaware. They enhance water quality, agriculture, wildlife habitat, and natural landscape beauty. These deep, well-drained, permeable soils are among the most productive soils in Delaware for agriculture and forestry, making them ideal to plant new trees in. 

Whether you are wanting to add trees to your yard to create a tree fence for privacy, to bring color into your yard, or simply because you want to embellish your landscaping, Tree Inc. can help. We have developed a great relationship with local nurseries in the Middletown, DE area, so we are able to order trees of all sizes and types for our clients. Our trees range from young plants to mature, large tree installations, so no matter what you’re looking for, Tree Inc. can get it for you. If you need help determining what kind of tree will best suit your landscaping needs, we’re happy to provide recommendations for you to choose from. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your tree installation needs.

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Some of the Most Common Types of Trees We Install in Our Area Include:

  • Green Giant (Thuja Plicata): Best known as ‘Screen Trees’ to create privacy barrier
  • Coral Bark Maple: Best trees to add color to property
  • American Sycamore
  • Hapi Daze Sweet Gum
  • And Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

We also Offer a Variety of Tree Health Services to Ensure Your Tree Thrives 

  • Tree Fertilization- Fertilizer helps trees stay healthy and vigorous giving trees important nutrients, supporting tree growth, and contributes to the overall health of a tree. Application best in Spring and Summer. 
  • Spring Injections- Injection of chemicals directly into the sapstream. The methods have been used for treating insect pests, fungal and bacterial diseases and for nutritional supplementation.
  • Deep Root Feeding- Two step program, recommended twice a year; once in Spring and again in Fall. Trees can benefit from deep root feeding if it lives in compacted soil or if branches are showing signs of stress. Deep root feeding replenishes the soil and helps struggling roots.
  • Dormant Oil Treatment- (also known as horticultural oils) An application of dormant oil will help control overwintering insect populations by coating the insects’ spiracles, effectively smothering future larvae. The oils are less toxic to beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, as well as birds and mammals.

We Offer Warranties on All of Our Tree Installations

We warranty tree installation one year from date of install, with the commitment to provide replacement tree once within the warranty period, should they die. The most ideal time to plant trees is during the Spring and Fall months so that your trees have time to acclimate to the change in temperature. The only exclusion to this is trees or shrubs that die from drought secondary to homeowner not watering efficiently following installation. However, following your tree installation, we provide you with detailed instructions to help ensure your tree becomes acclimated to its new home nicely.  

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